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Empower your gym staff to generate record breaking profits for your Gym and themselves. Receive free, ongoing product and promotional training to increase sales and generate unstoppable revenue for your gym.

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Fuel your clients with superior nutrition to reach their goals. Augment your personal training, fitness and weight loss programs with supplements that live up to the hype and can be customized to your clients' needs.

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Reach your financial goals.  The right supplement program, with high quality supplements, highest retail commissions & low overhead of $39 can help your gym not only be popular but profitable. Give us 10 minutes to show you how.

You're going to sell supplements in your Gym


Which is the right supplement for you and your clients? You need a supplement that is high quality because you don't want to compromise your clients health and wellness.  You also don't want to leave money on the table working a supplement sales plan that doesn't work as hard as you do for your business.

The solution is simple. We have high quality supplements from pre and post workout drinks that can be sold at your front desk to the highest quality, New Zealand Whey based ,nutrition programs on the market that can be delivered to your client's door.  In your gym you'll carry only the products you want (or none at all)  and generate residual income from the sales of supplements to your clients and to their referrals.

Best of all, you can customize our programs to your individual clients' needs. Have a client that wants to lose weight or a client that wants to add lean muscle - we have a product for that!

You'll also make more money selling our supplements than the other guys'. See for yourself


Ask Us First

You are looking to resell gym supplements and we think our products and our compensation are an unbeatable conbination. Give us 10 to convince you too!