Best supplements for adding muscle | What to recommend to gym clients

If you polled 100 gym members you will have 99 that list adding muscle (or toning muscle) as a reason for joining a gym. If you are a gym owner who sells supplements, you’ll want to be able to meet your clients’ exercise and nutritional needs and suggest supplement products that have actually been demonstrated to meet the goal of adding muscle.


While there are a lot of products out there like testosterone boosters, steroids, saw palmetto, and a host of others with negative side effects or no effects at all; these 3 suggestions for supplements that actually contribute to your clients’ muscle gains will boost your bottom line and your clients’ physiques.


1.Protein Powder

Guess what muscle requires protein. If your clients can’t get in enough dietary protein or are tired of the chew proteins that fit into their macros a high quality ( and tasty) protein supplement might be just what the trainer ordered.


Protein powder is beneficial in many ways like:

  • Allowing more flexibility in the diet
  • Meeting macro goals
  • Affordability ( per gram high-quality protein powders are cheap)
  • Time – it takes hardly any time to prepare a shake compared to a meal
  • Low in carbs and fat when cutting

The type of protein is very important in recommending the best and purest proteins to your clients. Whey isolates are about as close to “natural” protein composition as you can get. Right around 90%

2. Creatine

Want to get stronger, recover faster and have more reserve energy. Try Creatine. Composed of the amino acids  L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine – this supplement has been scientifically demonstrated to help in muscle growth and post-workout recovery.


One of the key features of creatinine is demonstrated when the muscles are worked. Stored energy, attributed to creatine supplementation, can equal more endurance and better performance. While the body does naturally produce creatine, it is found in eggs, meat and fish and is concentrated in supplements for easier more measured access.

Best of all creatine is GRAS with little to no known side effects. No one wants to OD a client on a supplement that might be harmful!


To enhance the benefits of creatine add Nitrosigine®, a patented product, and citrulline to increase blood flow to the muscles and improve performance during workouts. When combined with creatine, the improved blood flow helps deliver both creatine and nutrients to your muscles, resulting in a stronger, more powerful workout

3.  BCAA | branched-chain amino acids

BCAAs are found in many foods but for those cutting calories while looking to gain muscle, BCAAs shouldn’t be overlooked.  Branched-chain amino acids trigger muscle protein synthesis – the building blocks of muscle growth. Those gym clients on calorie restricted diets may need BCAA to notice gains because they do not take in enough in their diet.  

According to one study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that” individuals were able to maintain lean body mass when supplementing with BCAAs during a calorie-restricted diet.

So, these study participants weren’t eating the recommended 2 to 3 grams of BCAAs per sitting in their low-calorie diet, but when they took BCAA supplements, it helped them retain muscle. And that’s hard to do when you’re trying to drastically slim down.”

For those gym clients who aren’t as calorie restricted “ Professor Kevin Tipton, Chair in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences at the University of Stirling, said: “Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and the special class of amino acids, known as BCAA, stimulate the muscle growth response. These supplements are considered to be an important part of the nutrition plan for many bodybuilders, weightlifters and others seeking muscle growth.”

Meaning that for those clients who are looking for gains, the combination of exercise a good diet, the above-mentioned supplements and BCAA’s could provide great benefits to your gym members.


How to Promote Muscle Building Supplements in your Gym

So, how do you go about selling these supplement products in your gym the right way?

First, you’ll need to determine the client’s goals. Are they looking for weight loss and muscle gains, modest gains, big gains, competition physiques? What is their current diet like, what is their workout regimen?

Basically, get to know the client.

For those who have heavy calorie restrictions don’t neglect the BCAA and recommend a good protein supplement shake that is also a complete meal. Many calorie restricted diets deprive the dieter of essential vitamins and minerals. By recommending a complete meal, high-quality protein shake, you can help your clients slim and build muscle without starving themselves of vitamins and minerals.

For those that are vigorously working out and need additional protein to fuel growth, a whey protein isolate supplement, creatine and BCAAs are recommended.

The gym client looking for moderate gains or more muscle endurance for competitions like Iron Man or Tough Mudder would need protein supplements and creatine with a “kick” of BCAAs before competition since they are most effective for 7 hours after ingestion.


Best Supplements for Muscle Gains Take-Away

Remember, you aren’t “pushing” the supplements. You are recommending products in addition to gym services to help your clients meet and even exceed their goals. So many gym owners don’t want to feel like salespeople, but that is one aspect of the job. You are selling your expertise and providing high-quality supplements in your gym. By considering the goals of each client and recommending what’s appropriate, your clients will get better results; which is good for them and your gym.




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