Boost Supplement Sales with these 5 Tips

Are you looking to increase gym revenues and still maintain the trust and loyalty of your gym clients?  Don’t want to turn into a supplement pusher but still want the increased gym revenue supplement sales offer? Here are 5 tips for gym owners selling supplements retail for the first time or looking to sell more in their gyms or health clubs without losing their integrity or their clients.  Read through to get the best supplement industry tip to make sure you don’t risk your hard-earned money on supplements that might not sell! 

1. Only sell Top Quality products

Gym members stay loyal for 2 reasons – results and trust. If your product doesn’t deliver results they will lose trust in you and loyalty to your gym.  Be selective in what products you allow into your gym.  You should be a product of the product you are selling in your gym. If you won’t use it personally then why would you sell it to your gym clients?

Remain credible and only sell a select, few products to sell in your gym. Depending on the size of your gym carry only one to 3 product lines. this will help you maintain the trust of your clients and, to be honest, who uses more than 3 product lines anyways?

Since you won’t be selling every product under the sun in your gym, look for the best products with the best income opportunity for you. If you can stand behind it and make a lot of money helping your gym clients, all the better!

2. Talk it Up!

Word of mouth advertising works best for advertising ( and in the social media age can literally, explode with fan fervor).  Make sure your clients know about your retail business and the benefits of using those products and encourage them to share, share, share!  6 pack to 6 pack and social media advertising are a great way to market to your loyal gym clients.


Everyone wants to taste a product before they buy it. Be sure to have samples of a few of your retail line so that your gym clients can try before they buy.   This can be costly so be sure to budget your tastings and hold them during peak gym times to maximize tip #2 word of mouth.

4. Face your Client

Eyes to thighs product placement sells. Don’t put your supplement product where a gym client might miss it. Be sure to have it available for impulse purchases and also in front of clients during training or consultation sessions.

5. Ease of purchase

No one carries cash anymore. The almighty dollar is a wimp next to plastic or smartphone payments. People also enjoy the convenience of having product delivered to their door on a set schedule in order to never run out.  Make sure drop shipping and credit card processing are a key element of your supplement sales strategy.

6. BONUS TIP!!!!!

Selling supplements in your gym, even great ones, can be a bit risky. You don’t want to carry a lot of overhead which can expire and be lost revenue for your gym. It is better to carry a minimal stock and have your customers receive their chosen products via drop ship. Many supplement manufacturers have a minimum order amount that might be too large for your gym to comfortably shoulder. Dropship may, also, not be an option. Choose a supplement reselling company that can scale with your business needs and offers NO to minimal opening orders.

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