How to make money selling supplements – 3 Tips to sell more Supplements in your Gym


Is there a wall of supplements in your gym gathering dust? Not surprising. Supplements don’t sell themselves – even the ones with the flashy labels.  Selling supplements in your gym can tank your bottom line or can put your gym squarely in the black. These 3 tips will have your supplements flying off the gym wall and home with your gym clients.

3 Gym Supplement Sales Tips

Incorporation – Once again, supplements don’t sell themselves. Most of your clients don’t know the difference between an alkalizing food and an amino acid. It is your job to introduce gym and health club clients to better nutrition. Most people are too busy to meal prep on weekends or cook up a meal every night, plus work out. They want convenience and that is how you incorporate your supplement sales into your clients’ gym routines. With new clients, after learning abut their goals and challenges, design a workout and supplementation program that is effective and convenient and that includes those dusty supplement bottles. Most people will spend more for an all-in-one solution that helps them reach their goals.

Investment – It’s hard to raise staff salaries in a gym. The bottom line is tighter than the spandex in your aerobics classes. Get your staff invested in your supplements and see your bottom line grow as well as their paychecks. Offer commissions for sales and upsells of gym supplements and train them on your product line. Get your gym staff invested in making more sales and they will!

Drop it like it’s Hot – OK, we couldn’t come up with anything more clever for our third and best suggestion – dropshipping supplements.  Keep your dusty DISPLAY bottles on the shelf and maybe a few in the back to sell in case of a client emergency and dropship the rest! Why stock up on a ton of supplement inventory and be left holding the bag and the bill if they don’t sell? Dropshipping (on a reoccurring basis – i.e. autoship)  is convenient for you and your customers plus it encourages regular purchasing. Autoshipping health supplements is more profitable, allows you to better predict sales and grows month over month – unlike those dusty supplement shelves which end up in the trash.


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