Supplement Sales Surpass Gym Membership Revenue

Gyms and Health Clubs sell supplements, well, at least 89% of them do. Every year health supplements, as a stand alone market, accounted for 11.5 billion in sales in 2012 and that market continued to grow even throughout the US economic downturn. It’s safe to say, your clients are interested in Supplements. Some larger gyms and health clubs like Gold’s, Bally’s and Curves sell their own line of nutritional supplementation but, for smaller gyms, the costs involved in creating and marketing a new line of health supplements is cost prohibitive.

You still want to sell supplements, so where do you start?

The good news for smaller gym and health club owners is that you can meet the nutritional needs of your clients and create larger profits by NOT creating your own line of supplements. In fact, looking at the revenue reported by some of these larger clubs on the sales of their branded nutritional supplements – revenue is a meager 5-10% of their total gym profits. That number will be even less consequential as gym membership numbers are smaller in non-franchise health clubs.

By partnering with affiliate supplement sales companies – like you only generate a tiny commission, one time, off the sales of supplements. This probably won’t make a significant dent in your bottom line. Let’s say you are an affiliate and sell Protein Powder X. X sells for $50 and you make a 5% commission (which is high for the industry) your total revenue for that sale is a whopping $2.50 . If your client orders every month, and provided they go under your affiliate link, you’ll only make $30 for the year. Nothing to get excited about, right?

By selling Resell Supplement’s line of nutritional supplements – the same $50 bottle of protein would earn your gym $25 per sale and $300 a year in revenue for your gym. That’s per client. 100 clients – that’s $30,000 in additional revenue for your gym.

But that’s not even the exciting part!

Our gym partners are producing more revenue because some choose to structure their sales for residual income. Just like, our supplements can be delivered to you clients’ doors and reduce or eliminate your gym’s need to stock product. Your clients are on a monthly autoship program which improves compliance and generates more steady income for your gym or health club.

One of our gym members stated:

“Once we did start selling and stood behind it and really endorsed it, it more than paid for our rent at all of our locations. It’s an entire vertical market for us that we didn’t even anticipate. We’re making way, way more than sweatshirts and t-shirts and hats combined.”

So, what are the first steps to generating more income for your gym through health supplement sales?

  1. Sell Smarter, not HARDER  – Research the product for safety and efficacy but really focus on your compensation. It takes the same energy and staff to sell Product X vs a Resell Supplements product – but only one is going to make you significant money!
  2. Poll your Gym MembersRSUP – FREE GYM MEMBER POLL to determine if your gym members are interested in supplements and what kind of supplements they want. Do your members lean toward weight loss supplements, vitamins, protein isolate powders – Find out.
  3. Target – Armed with information about your members you can target product-specific  programs, geared toward the wants of your members, based on their responses to your poll questions.

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