Resale vs Residual Income

Resell Supplements
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Bonuses on Residual Income

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Resell Supplements in your gym or Health Club and earn more than what your are making now.


With our supplement sales program there are 2 options for making income selling health supplements.

Model 1 - Resale

The first is a straight wholesale / resale model. You purchase our supplements at a cost below wholesale and resell them to your clients at full retail price. Compared to other supplement companies the overhead is lower and profit margin is higher (see diagram) . We also don't make you sell through an affiliate code which is only valid for 30 days and your customers can not buy your product in stores, making you an almost exclusive vendor of our supplements.

Model 3 - Residual

You can participate in both the Resale and Residual income plans.  The Residual plan, while slightly more complicated will generate income in excess of the Resale plan and potentially earn income for the gym owner in perpetuity. When a customer approaches you for supplement products you can offer them a discount via our Associate option. They save over 33% on retail prices and their selected product is delivered to their door, saving space and reducing overhead costs for the gym.