Which Supplements to sell in my Gym?

Most gym owners sell products in their gym, be it shirts, towels or health supplements. Overhead on these items can be expensive and the profits – not remarkable. Some gym owners cut down on overhead by selling supplements via affiliate programs and earn a pittance on sales. There is a better way.
Before choosing a Supplement line to sell in your gym ask yourselves these questions.

Resell Supplements

1. Is it safe? 

No gym owner, with a working moral compass, is going to sell products they don’t believe to work and that are safe for their clients. It’s unethical and flat out wrong! Investigate the products and try them out yourself. Get a feel for what it is you will be selling and see how you, personally, like the products;  investigate the ingredient lists, production facilities and the people who represent the company. Not all companies or products are created equal!

2. Is the supplement line diverse enough to meet the needs of my clients?

Some people join a gym to lose weight. Other people join to gain lean muscle…the list of reasons is a mile long. The most important reasons are that they trust the gyms expertise in recommending exercises to help them achieve their goals. You need to offer supplements that do the same. Some supplement lines are, basically, one trick ponies. They do “Whey Isolate” and that’s it. You need a line of supplements that meets the needs of a very diverse group of clients, so they can feel good and improve their health.

3. How much am I going to make selling the supplements?

It’s an important question. You gym can’t help anyone reach their goals if you have to close the doors. Most gyms are not making enough from memberships alone to pay overhead. Would you rather earn $25 or $5 per sale on your supplements – which will help you meet your financial goals easier? You are doing the same amount of work, so why not earn double or triple for it?

Some due diligence ahead of selling a supplement line in your gym or health club will go a long way towards generating a substantial second income for your business. Investigate, test and calculate before selling a supplement, because if it’s the right one, it can mean stability for your business and increased money in you and your staff’s pockets – plus some really satisfied clients to boot!


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